Laraway Family Dentistry is a leader in The Woodlands dental community with the cutting-edge technology to give you the best dental care.

Our technology and equipment at our dental office in The Woodlands conforms to the highest standard of infection control, and allows us to go above and beyond in order to thoroughly diagnose our patients to the best care possible.

Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA)

Laraway Family Dentistry works with BioRESEARCH to bring you fast and accurate screening of the TMJs (Temporomandibular joints) with help of the JVA.


See how the Joint Vibration Analysis helps Drs. Joanna and Michael Laraway and the team detect for TM Joint dysfunction.

Our Joint Vibration Analysis device (or “JVA”) is a specialized device used to take recordings of the vibrations occurring within the temporomandibular joints during opening and closing movements. The JVA is a simple 2 minute, non-invasive test where headphone-like sensors are placed on both jaw joints and the patient is instructed to open and close a few times.

Genetic Testing
We offer an array of genetic testing to determine material biocompatibility and ensure that you will not be allergic to your fillings.
The Clifford test is a materials reactivity test and the Elisa / ACT is able to detect delayed sensitivities such as food allergies, and delayed reactions to naturally occurring products.
T-Scan® Computerized Occlusal Analysis

The T-Scan® Bite Test is a revolutionary device that helps us identify if your bite fits together properly. Unlike traditional methods where only articulation paper is used, Laraway Family Dentistry is able to take a recording of your bite from start to finish. We then can review the “movie” of your bite making sure that your teeth are not hitting too hard in one place.

After your dental procedure is complete, our team of dentists will take a T-Scan test to make sure that your teeth and your bite fit together properly. This will decrease the chances of needing additional work later on!


Digital Radiography

Laraway Family Dentistry uses digital radiography which uses digital X-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. Advantages include enhanced diagnosis and lower radiation exposure than traditional X-ray methods.

digital radiography

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging allows our team of dentists in The Woodlands to send some of your dental records to the lab without the use of impression material in the mouth. We will take a brief scan of your teeth and gums and forward it to our lab where they will design your teeth with the aid of the imaging technology.

Same Day Crowns - E4D

3D CAT Scan

Our 3D machine in our dental office in The Woodlands allows us to diagnose more thoroughly than ever before. We can now take high-resolution images and see into the structures of the head and neck. We use the 3D imaging technology for everything from screening your airway to check for breathing disorders to imaging your temporomandibular joints (TMJs).



The NOMAD Pro is a handheld X-ray unit that improves radiography speed, efficiency, and convenience.  It’s portability and ease of use allow us to get the perfect image.


Picasso Laser

Picasso laser is used in treatment of gum disease and soft tissue augmentation, gum grafts, gum lifts, and treatment of cold sores.


Picasso Laser in-house

MLS Cold Laser

MLS laser is used to treat pain and inflammation in teeth, muscles, and joints.


Morita Apex Locator

Along with using our 3D CT scan, we also use a Morita apex locator to perform accurate root canal treatment.

Morita Apex Locator

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