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Holistic Dentistry

Your oral health does not operate independently from the rest of your body, so why do dentists treat oral health without considering overall health? At Laraway Family Dentistry, we believe in biological or holistic dentistry. 

Our mission is to use modern technology and techniques to treat oral health with consideration for the entire body in the least toxic and safest way possible. Biological dentistry is not an individual specialty but a philosophy adopted by dentists committed to caring for their patients’ whole bodies, not just their oral health. 

What is Biocompatibility?

Biocompatibility refers to how well a foreign object reacts with living organisms, for example, tissues in the body. When one receives a prosthetic, such as a dental filling or dental implant, there is a risk of low biocompatibility, and the body will reject the prosthetic.  At Laraway Family Dentistry in the Woodlands, Texas, we solely promote biocompatibility. This includes prosthetics and procedures that do not create adverse immunological responses or toxicity. Dr. Joanna Laraway and Dr. Michael Laraway have special training to safely remove products that can be toxic or spark immunological responses.

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Holistic Dentistry Laraway Family Dentistry dentist in Conroe, TX Dr. Michael Laraway Dr. Joanna Laraway

Holistic Dental Treatments in The Woodlands, Texas

  • Reducing Pathogens

Pathogens, or disease-causing bacteria, in your teeth and mouth, can spread throughout your body via your bloodstream and cause damage. When looking for a Holistic Dentist in The Woodlands, look for someone like us. We use the least invasive and least toxic treatment method to remove pathogens.

  • Nutritional Support

A diet rich in whole foods, free from processed sugars and chemicals, helps support a healthy immune system. This, in turn, helps fight infection and promotes healing.

  • Laser Treatment

Instead of using a scalpel or drill, we use lasers for many dental procedures. Lasers are more precise than traditional methods and often cause less pain and bleeding.

  • Home Care

Good oral hygiene at home is essential for overall health, including oral health. We will work with you to create a personalized home care routine that meets your needs.

  • Amalgam Filling Removal

If you have old mercury amalgam fillings, it is essential to seek removal from a biological dentist with the proper training and experience. Amalgam fillings are 50% mercury, which is a potent neurotoxin. While the FDA still approves of amalgam use, they acknowledge that dental patients should be made aware of the risks associated with these fillings. Removal of amalgam fillings should only be completed by a biological dentist trained in the safe removal protocol to minimize your exposure to mercury vapor.

  • Root Canals

The standard root canal procedure infected pulp from inside the tooth. The traditional root canal does not remove all bacteria, so the infection can still fester. As a result, many people who have had a root canal develop chronic illnesses because the bacteria from the original root canal continue to cause inflammation throughout the body. At Laraway Family Dentistry, we use an advanced form of root canal procedure that removes the infected pulp and nerve tissue and cleans and seals the entire root canal system to prevent recontamination. This ensures that all bacteria are removed, and you can heal completely.


Innovation and Next-Gen Holistic Health

Another way that Laraway family dentistry promotes holistic dentistry is by supporting new research and dental techniques designed to remove and kill pathogens on dental equipment, especially during root canal procedures.

Additionally, the Laraway dental team monitors extraction sites to ensure proper healing. Previously healed extraction sites may have never healed and might be collecting dead bone and pathogens that deposit toxic waste throughout your body. This can lead to pain in your jaw, head, and other body parts.


Holistic Dentistry Laraway Family Dentistry dentist in Conroe, TX Dr. Michael Laraway Dr. Joanna Laraway

The Good News - Holistic Dentistry

Fortunately, there is a rising appreciation for biological dentistry. This has made treating patients holistically with the most biocompatible and least toxic materials easier. At Laraway family dentistry, we pride ourselves on a loving, compassionate family environment that considers the whole person.

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