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Emergency Dental Care Visit

After Hours Emergency for Patients of Record

For your convenience and optimal dental health, Laraway Family Dentistry is pleased to offer Emergency Dental Care.

Dr. Laraway will see patients of record 24 hours a day 7 days a week for various types of emergencies. Call her cell 936-900-4988.

After Hours Emergency Dental Service

If you need to be seen after regular business hours, a $100 fee will apply.

Phone Consultation

Phone consultation is at NO CHARGE and Dr. Laraway will either answer your call or return it within one hour. If you are a patient of record, Dr. Laraway may be able to call into your pharmacy for pain medication or antibiotics.

Laraway Family Dentistry is the Leading Emergency Dentists in Conroe, Spring & The Woodlands, TX.

Emergency Dental Care in Conroe, Spring & The Woodlands, TX

Experiencing a dental emergency not during typical office hours can be stressful and scary for anyone. At Laraway Family Dentistry, we offer emergency dental care, along with emergency hours and dentist access for all of our patients. We understand that things happen, and we want our patients to have access to excellent care and services when they need them the most. 

Laraway Family Dentistry Emergency Hours 

Dr. Laraway is available to treat patients with dental emergencies 24 hours a day every day. Although we have set business hours during the day, she can help people with dental emergencies. If you require to be seen after our regular business hours, a single $100 fee will be applied. 

Not only are we available to see patients after hours for emergency dental purposes, but we also offer phone consultations around the clock. Phone consultations are a no-charge emergency dental service that we offer. We can determine whether or not you need to be seen immediately during your phone consultation. We encourage you to take advantage of our phone consultations. Dr. Laraway will either answer your call or call you back within one hour of your phone call. 

If you are currently one of our patients, after a phone consultation, Dr. Laraway may be able to call your pharmacy to prescribe pain medications. Pain medications provide temporary relief until you come into our dental office for treatment.  

What to do in The Event of a Dental Emergency 

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone. Although we try to help our patients protect their teeth against damage and decay, they are sometimes inevitable. An emergency relating to your teeth can happen when you least expect it, and we want to help you know what to do in the event of one happening. 

Below we have listed some of the most common dental emergencies that we see in our office and how we would suggest our patients handle them. 

  • Toothache: There are different reasons your teeth/tooth might be aching, but you should be seen by one of our dentists regardless of the cause. We can discuss severe tooth pain through phone consultation, and if necessary, you could be given a prescription. 
  • Broken Tooth: A tooth can break if there is enough direct trauma to a tooth. A tooth can break and stay in your mouth, and it can fall out in other cases. Either way, a broken tooth would be considered a dental emergency. Please call Dr. Laraway with your emergency. 
  • Knocked-Out Tooth: Participating in physical sports and failing to protect your teeth with a sports mouthguard can increase your risk of getting a tooth knocked out. In the event your tooth is knocked out, please call us immediately. We encourage you, if possible, to locate the tooth and keep it moist. It might be possible to place the tooth back in its socket in some cases. 

A dental emergency can be anything that harms your tooth significantly or raises the risk of you losing your natural tooth. If you are unsure of what to do in your specific circumstances involving a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Laraway for a phone consultation at any time. 

Emergency Dental Care for You 

We want all of our patients and even people passing through Conroe, Texas, to know that they can count on us at Laraway Family Dentistry to help them with all of their dental needs. Dental emergencies can be scary, but we are here to help you through them and restore your smile. Call Laraway Family Dentistry for assistance if you have any questions regarding a dental emergency you are experiencing or on our emergency relief.

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