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Holistic Dentist in The Woodlands

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Are you looking for a holistic dentist in the Woodlands? Holistic dentists may not be very easy to find. Dentists have been treating oral health in a vacuum for years without considering how it impacts the rest of the body. Dr. Joanna Laraway and Dr. Michael Laraway recognize that when the mouth is healthy, the body can be healthy too, and when the mouth is unhealthy, the problem can spread beyond just the teeth and gums. We practice holistic dentistry at Laraway Family Dentistry in The Woodlands – to promote whole-body health.

The Mouth is the Gateway to the Body

You know that your oral health is essential, but did you know that it’s connected to the rest of your body? Studies have shown that gum disease is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer.

We won’t just treat your teeth and gums when you come to our office. We will also look at how dental treatment can affect the overall state of your health and work with you to create a treatment plan that supports your overall well-being. We can also look at past dental treatments and evaluate their holistic impact on your body.

The Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings

One example of our holistic dentistry approach is our mercury filling removal solutions. In the past, many dental fillings were made from mercury. Fortunately, this is no longer the case due to concerns about the health risks associated with mercury exposure. But even modern silver fillings can contain an unsafe quantity of mercury.

If you have silver or mercury fillings, please schedule a consultation with Laraway Family Dentistry. We can evaluate your fillings and determine the best course of action. We can remove mercury fillings and replace them with a safe, non-toxic, biocompatible dental material.

Holistic Solutions in The Woodlands, Texas

Holistic dentistry is a philosophy, not just a specialization. At Laraway Family Dentistry, we combine modern dental techniques with traditional holistic wellness traditions and approaches. We emphasize home care, nutritional support, and antimicrobial measures. We also offer non-standard dental solutions such as laser treatment.

This philosophy includes treatments that are:

  • The least invasive: We will only recommend the dental treatments you need. We avoid unnecessary procedures and always use the least invasive treatments available. 
  • Safe: We use only safe, biocompatible materials in our office. Biocompatibility means your body’s natural immune system will not reject the material. Your bone, gums, teeth, and whole body will thrive and grow in harmony with our biocompatible materials.
  • Non-toxic: Non-toxic materials and solutions are vital to the holistic dentist. We avoid materials and chemicals that can harm your health, such as mercury.
  • Effective: We use only treatments backed by science and proven to be effective.
  • Natural: We use natural solutions whenever possible.

The Holistic Dentistry Philosophy

Some of the things we consider in holistic dentistry are:

  • The way dental materials affect the body: We only use biocompatible materials that are safe for the body.
  • The impact of dental treatments on the whole body: We consider the way dental treatments can affect the overall state of health.
  • The connection between oral health and overall health: We believe that oral health is essential to overall health.
  • The mind-body connection: We understand the connection between the mind and the body and how dental treatments can impact both.

We believe that holistic dentistry is the future of dentistry and that it’s the best way to promote overall health.

Holistic Dentistry for Whole Body Wellness

Holistic dentistry takes a whole-body approach to dental care, so it effectively promotes overall health.

Our team will work with you to create a treatment plan that targets your specific needs and helps you achieve optimal oral and overall health.

Schedule an appointment with Laraway Family Dentistry today. We offer free consultations so you can learn more about holistic dentistry and how it can benefit you. We would love to start working with you on achieving optimal oral and whole-body health.