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Toothache Relief in The Woodlands, Texas

Experiencing mild to a severe toothache can be painful and very inconvenient. Toothaches can present themselves in different ways and, in some cases, are hard to realize until they become severe. Do you have constant tooth pain in a single tooth or a general area? Is it becoming too painful to do daily eating, chewing, or even speaking? It is highly possible that you could be suffering from dental decay and need to see one of our dental professionals for diagnosis and treatment. 

What Causes a Toothache? 

Many patients may experience a sharp toothache that comes out of nowhere. This is common. The primary source of toothache is tooth or dental decay. Decay starts significantly tiny and grows over time when not treated or removed. If decay is left alone for too long, it can become abscessed. Although it is the most common, decay isn’t the only possible reason your tooth may be aching. Other causes include: 

  • Dental Trauma or Injury: Teeth are powerful, but they can become damaged in the event of an injury or trauma. Breaks and cracks, although sometimes small, can leave your tooth feeling achy and painful. Tooth damage after an injury is sometimes hard to see by yourself. Our dental professionals are trained to look at your tooth and find the smallest amount of damage to ease your pain. 


  • Damaged Filling: Although it isn’t prevalent, it is possible for a previous filling to become loose or damaged. Broken fillings will make your tooth sensitive because it exposes the inner portions of the tooth, where the filling was protecting. 


  • Infected Gums: Our gums and surrounding tissues can become infected with periodontal disease if we do not have excellent oral hygiene. Although this infection affects the gum tissues, it can cause our teeth to be less protected, making them sensitive. 


Toothache Relief 

When realizing that you have a constant toothache, you should first reach out to your dentist here at Laraway Family Dentistry. Our dentists are professionals in diagnosing and treating toothaches and will help design a treatment plan for your specific situation. Diagnosing what is causing your toothache will bring you so much closer to having no pain. 

Relieving yourself of any pain and saving your natural tooth from destruction is our number one goal when dealing with a toothache. Temporary toothache relief can be granted at home with some simple at-home toothache remedies such as over-the-counter pain medication, warm salt water mouth rinse, and brushing and flossing to remove any stuck food or plaque. Temporary relief is encouraged when waiting to see your dental professional for permanent treatment and relief. 

Permanent relief from your toothache will come in receiving an examination, diagnosis, and restorative dental treatment. We can restore your smile and treat your toothache through multiple services. 

Emergency Dentist

We offer emergency dental care for patients who experienced a dental emergency or severe tooth trauma that needs to be seen right away. Severe tooth trauma can happen in the blink of an eye and can be severely painful. Breaking a tooth or chipping a tooth means calling our office immediately and asking to be seen. We are dedicated to alleviating pain. 

Are you Experiencing a Toothache? 

Even minor toothaches are an excellent reason to come in and see your dentist. While we may not want to believe it, tooth pain is typically paired with a dental issue that needs attention. If you are experiencing a toothache, we will encourage you to give our office a call. Toothaches are not fun, and we can offer you and your family permanent relief from your toothache.