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The Incredible Power of a Smile

Know anyone who is always smiling? How do you feel when you’re around them? People are drawn to people who smile. It’s no secret. They make you feel good and they make you just want to, well, smile! How’s your smile?

Experiencing the Power of a Smile

There are so many reasons to smile. The effect on you and those around you is tremendous. Consider the following 5 great benefits of smiling:

1) Look Your Best

There’s nothing you can put on more attractive than your smile. The more you smile, the more attractive you will be. People are naturally drawn to people who smile often.

2) Feel Great

Smiling affects your mood like almost nothing else can. It’s more powerful to your brain than chocolate and other common sources of pleasure. It’s like a positive feedback loop. You smile because you feel good and smiling makes you feel good so you smile more. It also boosts your confidence.

3) Pass it On to Others

Not only does smiling initiate a positive feedback loop of feeling good for you, it’s also contagious for others. When you see someone smile, you naturally smile in return. When they see you smile, they smile all the more. You can brighten the day of everyone you encounter with just a smile. Try it!

4) Gain an Edge in Business

Making people feel good is good for business, no matter what you do. Whether in sales, service or in an office setting, smiling often is good for your career. If you go to two restaurants with similar food quality and service, you will likely prefer the one where everyone smiles. Give yourself an edge in everything you do. Smile!

5) Reduce Your Stress

The science of smiling reveals it reduces stress levels by decreasing the hormones in your body associated with stress. It has a similar effect on your mind and body as getting a good night sleep. People who smile often handle stress better and enjoy better mental and physical health. So smile! It’s good for you.

Give Yourself the Gift of a Great Smile

Missing teeth may keep you from wanting to smile as much as you normally would. Don’t let it rob you of the benefits of smiling often. Dental implants are the best way to keep your jawbone healthy and your smile naturally attractive. Give yourself the gift of a great smile with dental implants.

Keep Smiling!

Smiling is truly one of the greatest things in life. You feel good, you make others feel good, and life just gets better. Don’t underestimate the power of a smile. Give yourself the best smile you can have with dental implants.

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