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Toothpaste, Everything is a poison and nothing is

Everything is a poison and nothing is a poison, it all depends on the dose.

Human mouth is very heavily vascularised. That’s why placing any medicine right under the tongue, even toothpaste, will result in quick onset as the chemical is absorbed and distributed rapidly throughout all systems. This is good if we are talking about a life saving drug like nitroglycerin. Not so good when we place a dab of what we call toothpaste on our ,tongue,gums and we give it a few minutes to absorb while we brush.

It is smart to know what you are putting in your body as multiple,daily exposures add up fast potentially creating health problems.

Contemporary tooth pastes are bad news because they contain at least 7 ingredients which have been proven to cause chronic inflammation,allergies and cancer.

1.Fluoride-questionable effectiveness when it comes to topical pastes and gels.It is meant to prevent cavities from forming but its efficacy has not been demonstrated.In fact presence of fluoride in a human body creates rough porous enamel which is more prone to decay. (Go to IAOMT for more info.) Actually a Thin layer of fluoride foam wouldn’t hurt freshly polished teeth.Would it help ? Fluoride is undoubtedly a neurotoxin which is why its consumption should be avoided.The particle of fluoride is so small that its almost impossible to filter it out of city water. That’s why most civilized cities throughout the world are making an effort to abandon water fluoridation.

2.Artificial sweeteners- aspartame,saccharin. I think by now we all know how poisonous they are.They damage kidneys and cause cancers even at low doses.

3.SLS sodium lauryl sulphate is a common soap. Unfortunately when placed in the mouth it can create aphtous ulcers,make gums slough off leading to gum recessions and it can bring on an allergic reaction.

4.Triclosan is a main active ingredient in antibacterial soap. Unfortunately the chemical is likely to cause sloughing of the gums leading to recessions,has also been identified as a carcinogen.

5.The trinity of poisons-MEA,DEA,TEA are additives which are supposed to make the toothpaste consistency more creamy. Unfortunately these methylating compounds can do a lot of damage in our bodies weakening our liver,kidneys,leading to cancer.

6.Microplastics-these unusual additives is what contributes to the dentrifices’ abrasiveness. The small sandy chunks of plastics when swallowed accumulate in our muscles leading to fatigue, systemic inflammation,cancer.

7.Propylene Glycol is a common industrial preservative. For toothpastes its a thickener.The effects of this unfortunate compound are being studied intensively nowadays as it is also contained in the new fad of e-cigarettes. Propylene glycol is a strong carcinogen.

So what are we to use?

The appropriate motion of a brush is actually enough to clean teeth and in Asia the chewed up twig of Nimh tree has for centuries kept millions of mouths healthy. But since we live in a complex 21 century where we like to complicate just about everything then lets walk through; what is it in your toothpaste that you should love:

1.Abrasiveness. It is helpful if the paste is abrasive enough to remove sticky plaque but not coarse so not to wear the enamel down. Kosher salt can do that.

2.Basic (alkaline) chemistry to reduce salivary acids. Baking soda can do that.

3.Minty fresh smell: drizzle of peppermint oil (Young living)

4. Antiflammatory oils to help heal mouth sores: COPAIBA oil,coconut oil

I wouldn’t want to reveal the exact recipe for Laraway Dentistry toothpaste out of concern for large corporations like Colgate or Crest and the questionable value of their products once public reads this blog, Haha. But you are welcome to visit us to find out more about our health tips.

In the meantime. Avoid anything CREST PROHEALTH and if you are not in the mood to create your own then look into Arbonne toothpaste.